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Track: Rush! Issei & Yohshi / Artist: Masamichi Amano / Album: Giant Robo OST2: The Day the Earth Stood Still


Giant Robo is one of those animes that I think is severely underrated. Whenever I see blog sites or comments doing a list of: "Must watch anime", "Greatest Anime Ever", or "Top 20/50/100 Anime Series of ALL Time! (whatever)", I hardly ever see this series listed. It's too bad too because this is a Giant Robot Anime that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

This OAV has got it all. It has great consistently drawn, wonderfully colored, fluid animation. The movie has lots of cool and interesting characters and villains with unique powers/abilities. And it has a wonderfully crafted and engaging character driven story. It even has somewhat of a steampunk theme. Oh and did I mention the OAV has a giant robot? A giant robot controlled by a kid. Yes this is a giant robot themed anime after all. Oh and the score, let's not forget about this awesome score.


This score does everything, and I mean everything that a musical score should do in a movie. Its sound can go from being bombastic with sweeping crescendos, and grandiose themes. It does operatic music and vocals, to somber, suspenseful/sad tracks. This OST definitely supplies the aural feels to go along with the visuals. And it should. Amano's compositions are performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. I love when movies and video games use Full orchestras for their soundtracks.

The Theme about Themes

I love a score where the main character or the "main attraction" of the movie is given a theme. The best themes are the ones that are the most memorable. The best themes are the ones that when composers make a generic version of i.e. the main theme from Robocop, even non music aficionados can tell who, what, and where the composer is copying from.


Everyone remembers the original Superman theme. It's a sound that comes off sounding larger than life and heroic. You immediately picture Supes flying through the sky at mach speed, arm outstretched with his hand balled up in a fist, rescuing people and knocking out baddies. Whereas say the main theme for Toho's Godzilla starts off foreboding and somewhat scary sounding, and then the music builds into this kind of marching theme (think Godzilla stomping all over Tokyo), and then finishes with this serious type of fanfare. As if to say: "Look at all the destruction I've caused. This isn't over, I'll be back."

Giant Robo's theme has that heroic feel to it. It's a purposeful marching arrangement, but also feels a bit kiddy at the same time. After all like I said earlier, GR is piloted by a kid named Daisaku Kusama. When you hear it you know that either Robo is being activated or he's arriving on the scene to mete out some well-deserved punishment. All in all it's a pretty memorable theme.


Giant Movie Score-O

If you like listening to movie scores or movies in general, definitely give this a listen. There's 7 albums total, one for each episode in the series. There's enough variety on these soundtracks that I can't imagine you not finding something that you like. This is a definite buy IMO, IF you can find the albums for a decent price. They are out of print and I've seen some less than favorable prices on Amazon. You could use an "alternative" means of obtaining the soundtracks, but do that at your own risk.


All in all this is an awesome set of scores for an awesome Japanese OAV!

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